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PIPA (Program on International Policy Attitudes)

Established in 1992, the Program on International Policy Attitudes or PIPA was created for the purpose of giving public opinion a greater voice in international relations. PIPA’s main function is to conduct in-depth studies of public opinion that include polls, focus groups and interviews. PIPA both integrates its findings together with those of other organizations and actively seeks the participation of members of the policy community in developing its polls so as to make them immediately relevant to the needs of policymakers. If curious about the public opinion of international affairs or foreign policy, visiting this site is a much. I’m a big fan.

Republican Presidential candidate, Tim Pawlenty on Foreign Policy

Interesting Profile of President Obama's Foreign Policy

Though I sometimes (or often) question the validity of sources such as, but in this situation, I think they hit it pretty much on the head with this profile of the President’s experiences and views on foreign policy. This is a very basic, yet relevant outline of America’s current outlook on foreign policy. For all those interested in learning more about foreign policy, they should definitely check this out.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul claims foreign policy proposals to be backed by mainstream America


Just came across this EXTREMELY interesting panel, moderated by political writer and analyst Peter Beinart discussing America’s position in, and relationship to, the rest of the world under Obama — and whether or not his foreign policy has been effective. This video brings up some very interesting and thought provoking points and only further supports my argument that America foreign policy should be rewritten.

Jun 2

Importance of Foreign Policy

In my honest opinion, foreign policy is one of the most critical attributes to examine when looking for a Presidential candidate. International affairs play an extremely important role in American politics and I believe that in order to repair the current state of political, economical, social, etc turmoil that our country faces, we must strengthen our foreign policy.

President Obama has committed himself and his Administration from the beginning of his presidency to a foreign policy that ensures the safety of the American people. But he also refuses the false division between our values and our security; the United States can be true to our values and ideals while also protecting the American people. We will use all elements of American power to achieve objectives, and consult closely with the Congress so that our policies may have the broad and bipartisan support that makes them most effective. Finally, while there are instances and individuals who can be met only by force, the United States will be prepared to listen to and talk with our adversaries in order to advance our interests.

- President Obama’s Principals of Foreign Policy, White House